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Year: 2002

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Toki Pona-Fun and Cute

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Teacher: Jacob Schwartz
Year: 2002 (fall)
Program: Splash
Category: Liberal Arts

Toki Pona is a "maximally minimal" language. It was constructed with only 120 words and with only the simplest rules to pronounce sounds. Toki Pona tries to follow the Taoist philosophy that "simple is good." In order to lead a simple life, one needs a simple language; or perhaps a simple language will lead to a simpler life. Whether you accept the philosophy or not, Toki Pona is fun to speak.

Year: 2012

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Riddles In Another Language

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Teacher: Chelsea Voss
Year: 2012 (Summer)
Program: ESPrinkler
Category: Social Science

Toki Pona is a remarkably simple language, but it can be tricky to decipher at times. Come learn the vocabulary of this constructed language, and try your hand at deciphering a set of riddles in Toki Pona from last year's MIT Mystery Hunt!

Estimated attendance: 1 students (including other sections of the same class).