Medical FAQ

Insurance Requirement

You must have health insurance valid in Massachusetts in order to attend HSSP. This means that your insurance will cover health care costs at Massachusetts facilities in the unlikely event that medical care is necessary during HSSP. If you have questions about your particular situation, email Unfortunately, ESP does not have the authority to grant exceptions.

Allergies & Medical Conditions

Warning! Although we ask about allergies and medical conditions, we do not review medical forms in detail and will not make special accommodations unless you specifically ask us to. If you have a medical condition that the staff and/or your teachers should be aware of, email

Online Information Collection

Medical and emergency contact information for HSSP is being collected online via Formstack, a secure data service (see below for additional information). All students must complete this step when signing up for HSSP. If you would prefer to submit your medical information on paper, contact and wait for a response before continuing with registration.

Technical Assistance

When you view the medical form online, some fields will be greyed out and uneditable. These greyed-out boxes are automatically filled in with information from your ESP profile. If you need to change this information, you can edit your profile.

If your information is not automatically filled in, please go back to student registration and try again.

To change your answers once you submit, you must fill out the entire form a second time.

Use of Private Information

The information you submit will be provided to medical professionals in case of an emergency. Select ESP officers will review some information in advance. We will ensure that your privacy is respected.

ESP collects this information via Formstack ( Your encrypted information is stored securely on Formstack servers (see their Privacy Policy and Security Overview). Access is limited to trusted ESP members who abide by our security procedures. If you would prefer to submit your medical information on paper, contact and wait for a response before completing registration.

All information you provide will be destroyed within 72 hours of the end of the program.

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