2017 Mentor Bios

2017 Mentor Bios


Edward is a first-year PhD student in materials science and engineering, originally from Copley, OH. He did his undergraduate work at Northwestern University and a master’s degree at the University of Cambridge. His main research interest is creating new structural materials and shape-memory materials, especially for sustainable applications. In the past, he has worked on developing new aluminum and titanium alloys for the aerospace and energy sectors, carbon-fiber composites for Formula One racecars, and shape-memory alloys for the International Space Station. Now, he is doing his PhD on new shape-memory ceramic materials. In his spare time, he likes to play sports (soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, anything really), play the piano and clarinet (not at the same time, but working on it…), and roaming the streets of Boston in search of tasty food.


Nechama is a social scientist with a research focus on health equity and disability/reproductive/racial justice. She was an activist and out of hospital midwife for about 10 years before she got her master's in medical anthropology and began her research career, which often blends activism and science through the use of participatory action research. Probably the best word for Nechama is curious, and her interests include sea creatures, especially cephalopods, neurodiversity, human-animal interactions, the history of medicine and science, untold history in general, beekeeping, feminist dog training, evolution, gender, cooking, education, community-led social justice movements, and many others. Nechama is an amateur science writer, and she can usually be found reading or eating ice cream with her pit bull, Sam, who also enjoys long walks on the beach.


I am a just-graduated senior from MIT who majored in math and literature and will be starting on a math Ph.D. this coming fall. Mathematically, my main areas of interest are differential geometry, analysis, and their intersection, as well as the effective communication of mathematical ideas. Within literature, my main interests are literary theory and its applications, film, and contemporary literature. History and contemporary art (especially geometric art) are other side interests of mine. My less-academic hobbies include sailing, bridge, and tea.


Brynna will be graduating in June from MIT with a double major in Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences & Physics. She thinks that planets are pretty cool especially ones that are deeply misunderstood. She is also interested in climate change and waste management. In her spare time she plays the oboe in MIT's Concert Band and in the pit orchestra of the Gilbert and Sullivan Players.

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