Lost and Found

This page lists any lost and found items we currently have (see below). Please email esp-lost-and-found@mit.edu to claim one of the listed items or if you lost something that isn't listed here.


  1. Items will be held for one month before being given to charity, with the exception that wallets and valuable items will be turned over to the MIT Police within a few days of the end of the program day when they were found.
  2. We will make a reasonable effort to contact the owner if email, a phone number or address is located on the item.
  3. In order to claim a lost item, the owner must describe it as closely as possible.
  4. If you've lost an item, please go to the Help Desk or program office during the program, or email us at esp-lost-and-found@mit.edu afterwards.

Lost and Found Items

Found at Summer HSSP:

  • White Binder

  • Blue water bottle with "MARCUS" written on it

  • Textbook: Fundamentals of Biochemistry

  • Pink pencil case

  • Green lunch box

  • Purple notebook

  • Green notebook

  • Yellow notebook

  • Gray knit hat

You can come by the HSSP office (1-246) during program hours to pick up your lost item, or email summer-hssp@mit.edu

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