What is Sprinkler?

Sprinkler is an HSSP subprogram, where middle school students can opt to take a new Splash-style (one-shot) class every week in place of one of their long-term classes. This year we decided to run two sessions of Sprinkler. One will be focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and the other will be focused on HASS (Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences). Students can then learn about a different subject every week, and explore a variety of topics! Sign up here!

Apply to teach for Sprinkler!

Who: You!
What: Teach a 1-1.5 hour class to middle schoolers for one or several of the weeks of HSSP!
When: Saturdays, February 20th through April 2nd.
Where: MIT Campus
How: Email esprinkler@mit.edu
if you are interested or have questions!

What is HSSP?

HSSP is a 6-8 week program held during the spring and summer at MIT and during the fall at Harvard. Visit the HSSP main page for more details.

How does teaching for Sprinkler work?

This year there are two options for teaching for Sprinkler. You can apply to teach a class (or more than one- you're even welcome to apply to teach a series of classes!) or you can become a primary Sprinkler teacher and work with us to develop seven awesome classes.

If you apply to teach as a primary Sprinkler teacher, we will contact you shortly to schedule an informal 30-minute interview.

What are primary Sprinkler teachers?

Primary Sprinkler Teachers are teachers who are willing to make a 6-week commitment to design and prepare six awesome classes with ESP's help. If you don't necessarily want to teach an long-term class but instead want to teach a lot of one-shot classes on a variety of topics, this role is perfect for you.


Yes! The day that you are teaching, please come eat lunch with us and all of our other teachers for HSSP. It's on us! You will also receive a free t-shirt.

What makes a good Sprinkler class?

Good Sprinkler classes should:

  • be accessible to middle school students
  • have exciting titles, and beginner-friendly topics
  • be flexible in terms of number of students

Good Sprinkler classes might have titles like:

  • Engineering Challenge: Bridge Building
  • Easy Origami
  • A Natural History of Tea
  • The History of the Universe from the Big Bang Until Now

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