Program Vitals
Sign-ups to teach for Sprinkler will be up shortly.

Who: You!
What: Teach a 1-2 hour class to middle schoolers for one or several of the weeks of HSSP!
When: March 1st through April 26th, skipping March 15th and April 12th.
Where: MIT Campus
How: Register to teach for Sprinkler here!
Questions: esprinkler@mit.edu

What is HSSP?

HSSP is a 6-8 week program held during the spring and summer at MIT and during the fall at Harvard. This spring, the program will run once a week on Saturdays.

What is Sprinkler?

Sprinkler offers short classes for middle school students at HSSP. Every week, students get a different set of classes to choose from and pick whichever they find exciting. Sprinkler classes are 1-2 hours in length.

How does teaching for Sprinkler work?

This year there are two options for teaching for Sprinkler. You can register a class (or more than one- you're even welcome to register a series of classes!) or you can become a primary Sprinkler teacher and work with us to develop seven awesome classes. If you signed up as a primary Sprinkler teacher, we will contact you shortly to schedule an informal 30-minute interview.

What are primary Sprinkler teachers?

We are trying something new this year with Sprinkler. We're looking for teachers who are willing to make a 7-week commitment to become Primary Sprinkler teachers. ESP will help Primary Sprinkler teachers come up with and prepare seven awesome classes. This is for teachers who don't necessarily want to teach an long-term class but instead want to teach a lot of one-shot classes on a variety of topics, and it's a great way to gain teaching experience in a lot of different areas.

Primary Sprinkler teachers are expected to attend an informal 30-minute interview, just like other HSSP teachers, and are expected to be available for most or all of the program dates.


Yes! The day that you are teaching you are welcome to come eat a free lunch with all of our other teachers for HSSP. You will also receive a free t-shirt.

What makes a good Sprinkler class?

Good Sprinkler classes should:

  • be accessible to middle school students
  • have exciting titles, and beginner friendly topics
  • be flexible in terms of number of students

Good Sprinkler classes might have titles like:

  • Engineering Challenge: Bridge Building
  • Easy Origami
  • A Natural History of Tea
  • The History of the Universe from the Big Bang Until Now

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