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Splash for MIT 2022 is happening on January 26! Read this page for details, or email us at splash-for-mit@mit.edu.

Welcome to Splash for MIT!

Splash for MIT is a one-evening IAP event where MIT students present unusual, entertaining and edifying lectures on a variety of topics. Come to teach, learn, or do both!

Classes by MIT students, for MIT students!

Splash for MIT is a hybrid of some of MIT ESP's other programs: Splash (MIT teaches high schoolers), Firehose (learn anything at CPW), and Firestorm (learn anything at Orientation/REX) - but at Splash for MIT, all the students are MIT students! If you've been to any of these programs, you already have a good idea of what Splash for MIT is like!

Splash for MIT 2022 will take place in MIT's Building 2 and virtually on Discord. This year, there will be both in-person and virtual classes, plus a Firestorm!

Teach Anything!

If you're interested in teaching a class, you can register to teach a full class (for 20, 40, or 60 minutes) or teach a five-minute class for Firestorm! There's no registration required for our n classes in 5n minutes, just show up with your talk!

Learn Anything!

If you want to learn, just show up! You don't have to come at the beginning or stay for the whole time.

While there won't be steaming hot pizza on us, there will still be many exciting classes, our beloved pool noodles, and more! Check out our class catalog below for the exciting classes coming your way!

Register a Class

Teach absolutely anything you want to the MIT community! Teacher registration is now closed, but you can still teach a Firestorm class - just let us know at splash-for-mit@mit.edu and show up on the day! Regular classes can be taught in-person or virtually. Firestorm classes should be taught in-person, but there will be an option to attend virtually.

Attend Splash for MIT

Splash for MIT will take place on Wednesday, January 26 from 6–10 PM, in classrooms on the first floor of Building 2 and Discord (https://discord.gg/Ccwn88FB).

There's no registration necessary to attend classes. Bring your friends and drop by whenever you want!

Splash for MIT 2022 Schedule

Class List Here's a list of classes that will be taught at Splash for MIT 2022!

how do they work? 
CJ Quines

How to Read 50+ Books in a Year  
Do you always have the nagging thought of wanting to read more but never find the time to do it? In this class, I will share my experience on how I managed to achieve my goal of reading 55 books in a year. I hope this class will inspire people to develop a love for reading.  
Vivian Hir

Spreadsheets Crash Course  
"I really should learn how to use spreadsheets" <- sound like you? take this class! Learn enough so that you can teach yourself the rest! 
Matt Benet

Tournament Chess: Catch COVID By Being a Good Sport  
Have you ever tried to play chess online? Wondered what competitive chess tournaments look like in-person? Want to trash-talk your opponents in the flesh? This class will teach you all about the tournament chess experience, pre and post-COVID!  
Cindy Zhang, Angelica Chin

Crochet 101  
Learn how to crochet and come have a chill time! We'll teach you basic stitches and work on a simple project. Materials will be provided. 
Cindy Zhang, Serena Liu, Angelina Zheng
Prerequisites: being a crochet beginner
Limited to 20 students, first come first served

How to Steal Animals from Across Campus  
Bunnies! Geese! Next House Rats! All of these precious little buddies could be yours for the price of free 99!! By attending this, you'll learn all you'll need to acquire a cute new friend :D!!! Please Note: this is JUST FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. DO NOT DO THIS!! ;) 
Jonathan Anziani

Scrabble Analysis  
I will be analyzing the final game between Jackson Smylie and Cesar del Solar in the 2020 Scrabble Go Championships. This was the the game that secured Jackson Smylie a spot in the semifinals. 
Dongyao Jiang
Prerequisites: knowing the basic rules of Scrabble

observe succulent pics with me 
observe succulent pics (some real succulents too) with me!! we will look at succulents of all varieties, many of which you might not have heard of before; learn about different species of succulents! mega chonk succs will be included. 
Grace Jiang

69.0001 Basics of Memes 
Learn all you need to know about how to be an epic memer. This class will be very kek!
Ian Hueston
Prerequisites: tolerance for living on the silly side

How to Construct a Language 
Have you ever been fascinated by Klingon? Mesmerized by the beauty of written Elvish? Entranced by the elaborate Esperanto? Then this class is for you. Learn to construct your own language in 20 minutes by exploring the pronunciation, words, grammar, and cultural implications of Earth's languages.
Joseph Hobbs
Prerequisites: no background or formal training in linguistics expected

Explaining MITHenge 
Part of the crowds filling the Infinite based on predictions off an old website? We're lucky that the Infinite runs East to West, because otherwise there would be no MITHenge. Want to know the "why" behind the "wow"? Stop by for 20 minutes to understand the mechanics behind MIT's twice-yearly perfect alignments! (weather permitting) (no previous knowledge of heliocentrism required)
Leo Yao

Making Silicone Molds! 
Learn about manufacturing with molds, from injection molding to lost-wax casting, and how these techniques have been around for most of human history! Then, make a silicone cast of any small object you treasure to learn the hands-on aspects of molding, and to take home a reusable mold for anything you wish! (oddly-shaped ice cubes? fun Jello bits?) Please bring an object that fits within a 2" diameter circle and is <2" tall.
Sreya Vangara
Limited to 7 students, first come first served

Cryptography and Steganography 
Do you want to be the ~ hackerman ~? Ever wonder how to hide information in plain sight? Learn some basic cybersecurity techniques, like how to insert and extract data from an image, or how to decode seemingly impossible ciphers. Only requirements are to bring a laptop with a hex editor installed.
Sreya Vangara

Unusual Chess Variants 
Come play/watch/explore some lesser-known but fun chess variants! We might even mix and match to concoct brand new monstrosities.
Ritam Nag
Prerequisites: knowing how to play regular chess

Supercharge your Google Sheets with Indirect-Hacking 
Want your conditional formatting colors in not just one column, but the entire spreadsheet? Feeling limited by stock filtering functionality? Join us on a 20-minute adventure to unlock hidden interactions between conditional formatting, filters, and self-referential formulas! (no previous spreadsheet experience needed) (circular reasoning not covered under warranty)  
Leo Yao

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