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Splash for MIT 2023 is happening on February 16! Read this page for details, or email us at splash-for-mit@mit.edu.

Welcome to Splash for MIT!

Splash for MIT is a one-evening IAP event where MIT students present unusual, entertaining and edifying lectures on a variety of topics. Come to teach, learn, or do both!

Classes by MIT students, for MIT students!

Splash for MIT is a hybrid of some of MIT ESP's other programs: Splash (MIT teaches high schoolers), Firehose (learn anything at CPW), and Firestorm (learn anything at Orientation/REX) - but at Splash for MIT, all the students are MIT students! If you've been to any of these programs, you already have a good idea of what Splash for MIT is like!

Splash for MIT 2023 will take place in MIT's Building 2.

Teach Anything!

If you're interested in teaching a class, you can register to teach a full class (for 20, 40, or 60 minutes) or teach a five-minute class for Firestorm! There's no registration required for our n classes in 5n minutes, just show up with your talk!

Learn Anything!

If you want to learn, just show up! You don't have to come at the beginning or stay for the whole time.

While there won't be steaming hot pizza on us, there will still be many exciting classes, our beloved pool noodles, and more! Check out our class catalog below for the exciting classes coming your way!

Register a Class

Teach absolutely anything you want to the MIT community! Teacher registration is now closed, but you can still teach a Firestorm class - just let us know at splash-for-mit@mit.edu and show up on the day! Regular classes can be taught in-person or virtually. Firestorm classes should be taught in-person, but there will be an option to attend virtually.

Attend Splash for MIT

Splash for MIT will take place on Thursday, February 16 from 6–10 PM, in classrooms on the first floor of Building 2.

There's no registration necessary to attend classes. Bring your friends and drop by whenever you want!

Splash for MIT 2023 Schedule

Class List Here's a list of classes that will be taught at Splash for MIT 2023!

Throat Singing Workshop

Dive into the art of Turkic-Mongolian throat singing! Learn the acoustic and anatomical secrets behind these high whistles and deep growls from the Eurasian Steppes, and optionally try out some of the techniques for yourself. Live demos and interactive tutorials included. No throat experience or singing experience required!

Jason Li

The Murder of Caesar: Saving the State or Total Treason

One of the most iconic events in all of history is the murder of Julius Caesar. This class will present historical context around the events leading up to and following his death with the goal of answering the question of whether or not his death was just.

Leviticus Norman

Sticks, Shadows, and Straight Lines

Go outside on March 20th. Put a stick in the ground. Watch the shadow over the course of the day. Get a straight line? 20 minutes will be enough to tell you about the celestial sphere, the Sun among the stars, and a surprising conic section!

Leo Yao


What teh heck are taxes??? Why do I have to file them????? HOW DO I FILE THEM????? How do I maximize my refund???????

Come find out ^_^

Willow Carretero Chavez, Daniel Figgis Gonzalez, Shinjini Ghosh

MIT Geoguessr!

Do you consider yourself an expert on the hallways of MIT? Come identify these pictures of obscure hallways, rooms and other spaces on MIT's campus!

Heidi Durresi, Matthew Cox

Palestine 101: Glimpse into the history of Palestine

In this class, we will be introducing the basics of the history and current state of Palestine both through a political and cultural lens. We will explore the many layers of history that have contributed to the ongoing complexities in the region. By the end of this class, you will have a deeper understanding of the current state of Palestine, and hopefully will be able to critically assess the reality of the region.

We hope to attract both those who are unsure of their political stance and would like a new perspective, as well as those who would simply like to learn more but have not had the time prior.

Open to all. No prior knowledge is required!

Fedaa Alsoufi

Finger loop braiding

Learn a cool, quick way to make braids with 3 or 5 strings!

Cindy Zhang, Eunice Zhang

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