Spring HSSP

Teacher Registration for Spring HSSP 2018 is now closed!

Program Vitals

What? Teach a 6-weekend in-depth class on an academic or non-academic subject this spring! Teacher registration will be open until January 19th.
When? Spring HSSP 2018 will run on Saturdays from 12 – 3 pm, beginning February 24th and concluding April 7th, with a break for Spark on March 17th.
Who? Teach middle and high school students, from rising 7th graders to high school seniors.
Where? All classes will be held on MIT's campus.
Contact email: spring-hssp@mit.edu

What is HSSP?

HSSP is a six-week program held once during the spring and once during the summer at MIT. Each week, students in grades 7 to 12 spend time on MIT's campus taking up to three classes on a wide range of subjects.

As a volunteer HSSP teacher, you can pick any subject you are interested in and explore it in-depth with your chosen number of students. To see the most recent HSSP class catalogs, check out the Spring HSSP 2017 Class Catalog and the Summer HSSP 2017 Class Catalog.

Feel free to visit Logistics to find out more about how ESP can help you!


Yes! The days of the event, please come eat lunch with us and all of our other HSSP teachers. It's on us! You will also receive a free t-shirt.

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