Volunteer for ESP!

ESP programs are organized, taught, and run by college students at MIT! Running an ESP program takes large amounts of manpower. Without our volunteers, teachers and administrators, ESP would not be able to run its programs. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions!

Weekly Meetings

The easiest way to get involved is to attend our meetings. They happen every Tuesday at 7pm.  The meetings occur in our office in the MIT student center, W20-467. We also have weekly worksessions every Wednesday at 7pm. There, we work on tasks for the current programs that are being planned.

See the join section for more information about joining ESP.

Splash and Spark

Timelapse of registrationOur largest programs require more manpower than we can provide, so we ask for extra volunteers to help with Security and Morning Registration. For check-in, you get to handle paperwork for the thousands of students attending the program. For security, you get to run around directing lost students, checking on classrooms, or dealing with the more exciting situations as they come up.

Our volunteers often get rewards depending on the number of hours they have volunteered for; traditional prizes have included hats of various sorts (fedoras, top hats, bowler hats), plushies, and stickers. All volunteers receive a t-shirt and food for the weekend!

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