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Teacher registration for Spark 2024 is now open! Register by 2/12 to teach a one-off class at Spark.
Spark will be March 16 & 17th!

The MIT Educational Studies Program (ESP) was created by MIT students in 1957 so we could make a difference in the Boston, Cambridge, and MIT communities by sharing our knowledge and creativity with local high school students. Since then, we have grown to support well over five thousand students each year with the help of MIT students like you.

ESP is a student group at MIT composed of undergraduate and graduate students. Members of ESP work to organize and run our many programs, supported by our teachers and volunteers. If you're interested in getting involved behind-the-scenes, we invite you to come to our weekly meetings and worksessions. Check out more information about being a part of ESP, or learn more about our members!

Through an extensive offering of academic and non-academic classes, ESP is dedicated to providing a unique, affordable educational experience for motivated middle school and high school students. ESP courses are developed and taught by MIT students, alumni, and faculty, and members of the community. Our students are given the chance to learn from passionate and knowledgeable teachers; our teachers can gain experience developing their own curricula with access to students with the strongest desire to learn. The result is a unique, dynamic curriculum and an atmosphere of unparalleled energy.

We are the largest student-run program of our kind in the United States. Our programs are guided by three main ideas: 1. Learning and teaching should be fun! 2. Participants should have as much choice as possible. 3. Accessibility and equal access to educational opportunities for students is important.

You can find out more about our programs by clicking on the colored tabs on the left of the screen!

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