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Thank you for teaching at Splash 2021!! Please fill out the Teacher Survey so we can offer the best possible programs in the future!

Welcome to Splash!

Since its founding in 1988, Splash has become MIT's largest annual teaching and learning extravaganza. For one awesome weekend this November, thousands of high schoolers will flood campus virtual classrooms to take classes taught by small groups of people like you. Come be a part of this iconic MIT event!

Splash is fully student-run by MIT ESP.

Students line up to sign in for Splash
Admins and volunteers help create liquid nitrogen ice cream

Teach Anything

Any subject! STEM. Humanities. Arts and music. Sports. Games and puzzles. Hobbies and crafts. Check out last year’s catalog for examples and inspiration.

Any format! Splash classes can range from huge lectures to small discussion seminars to hands-on projects. We also offer walk-ins for more casual "drop-in" activities like games or puzzling.

Who Can Teach?

Most Splash teachers are MIT undergrad and grad students. We also regularly have students from neighboring universities and other adults in the local Boston area teach at Splash. This year, teachers will be able to choose whether or not they'd like to come onto campus, so they can teach from anywhere! 

Unfortunately, current high school students cannot teach regardless of age or experience. Visit our high school students page to sign up to attend Splash as a student.

A teacher delivers a physics lecture in a large lecture hall
Miniature paintings made during a Splash walk-in

Splash Details

Splash 2021 will take place on November 20-21. For more information, please visit our program details page.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at splash@mit.edu.

Register Now!

Teacher registration for Splash 2021 is now closed.!

Looking to attend Splash as a student? Visit our high school students page.

A student learns to solder during an electrical engineering class

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