The deadline to register for Splash 2017 has passed. Check your class details here!

Welcome to Splash!

What? Teach anything you want to high school students.
When? November 18–19, 2017, the weekend before Thanksgiving.
Who? You!
How? Register is now closed. Check your class details here!

Splash is a two-day program that attracts more than 2500 students from the 9th through 12th grades. As a Splash teacher, you get to pick any subject that interests you and teach a one-session class. Your class can be from one hour to nine hours long and can be anything from a hands-on walk-in activity to a discussion-based class with 10 students to a lecture with 200 students. Splash is run as an entirely volunteer-based program.

Don’t know what to teach? Check out What Should I Teach? for suggestions and old course catalogs.

Want more information on how to teach? Check out Teaching Advice for some teaching tips.

Are you a high schooler? If so, unfortunately you cannot teach for Splash.

For more detailed information, check out the program details page, or send us an email at splash@mit.edu.

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