Educational Studies Program: Who we are

The Educational Studies Program (ESP) runs several educational programs designed to instill a love of learning. Most programs consist of classes taught by volunteers, most of whom are MIT undergraduates.

Teachers decide themselves what they'll teach, so our class topics go beyond what is usually taught in school. While some classes are very challenging academically, others involve fun activities like arts and crafts, and still others are very silly or have a nerdy twist.

ESP is an officially-recognized student group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ESP's programs -- the largest of which serve nearly 3,000 students per year -- are almost entirely run by MIT undergraduate volunteers. ESP is not affiliated with any MIT department or with the MIT Admissions Office.

Enroll in an ESP program

ESP offers programs for students in grades 7 through 12. All students must be at least eleven years old to participate. Registration usually takes place on-line one to two months before the program.

To join ESP's announcements mailing list, please make an account on this website. The main email address associated with each account is added to our mailing list and will receive a notification when registration for a program opens.

Those who are interested in what ESP has to offer but can't make the trip to Cambridge might be interested in Learning Unlimited. Inspired by ESP, Learning Unlimited has helped start several similar programs across the country.

ESP's programs

We run several programs annually. Generous financial aid is available for all programs.

Program Time of year Grades Description
Splash Weekend before Thanksgiving.
(Saturday - Sunday)
9 - 12 Large program on MIT's campus. Students take a series of classes. Each class meets once.
Spark Weekend in March.
(Saturday - Sunday)

7 - 8

Large program on MIT's campus. Students take a series of classes. Each class meets once.

Spring version (Saturdays).

Summer version (Sundays).

7 - 12 Students take a series of classes for 6 - 8 weeks. Most classes meet each week of the program.
Junction Summer 9 - 12 Mentoring program for advanced students with 2-week conclusion on MIT's campus. Application due in springtime.
Cascade Fall 9 - 10 Small program open to students from partner schools.

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