Background Checks

MIT Minors Policy

MIT has introduced new guidelines regarding programs that deal with minors with the intent of improving safety and protection of minors. After discussions with administration, each class must satisfy the following requirements:

For all programs, each class must have 2 adults (where MIT students are considered adults regardless of age).

For Splash and Spark, each adult in a class must either be a current MIT affiliate (current MIT student or staff), or be background checked. For other programs, each adult in a class must be background checked.

All teachers must attempt to find MIT student coteachers or observers for their classes. If none can be found, we will attempt to find observers.

Background Checks

You should familiarize yourself with this process since it will be the teacher’s responsibility to complete a background check if necessary. If you have already had a background check through MIT, please check with Andrea Finnin <> to confirm that you are all set. Background checks run by other organizations will not fulfill this requirement.

Note that due to current circumstances, the only way to get a background check is through an online background check. Please disregard the "In-Person Background Check" section until this option opens up again.

In-Person Background Check @ MIT

In person background checks take around 15-20 minutes. Background checks can take up 3 weeks to go through. You'll need to bring this form as well as government-issued photo ID (and you should know your address history for the last 7 years). You can fill out these additional forms ahead of time to expedite the process (make sure they're printed single-sided).

Walk-in Service

MIT offers walk-in service for background checks in the Atlas Service Center (E17-106). There are held:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Check back here in the future for directions.

By Appointment

If you are unable to visit during the walk-in hours, you may request an appointment with Andrea Finnin <> for another time. Please only use this option only if it is completely necessary - as Andrea’s availability is limited.

At a Splash Teacher Orientation

Splash is also planning to offer background checks at selected evening teacher orientations in late October / early November. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able have a background check service available at all orientations. Please plan accordingly.

Remote Background Checks

For now, this is the only option to get a background check. For now, you do not need to take any action - you only need to make sure that you have signed up to teach at least one class. You should receive an email from Andrea Finnin <> or Creative Services (who runs the online background checks) within several days of signing up for your class. If you have any questions about the policy or background check process, email <>.

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