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ALEXANDER MCCARTHY, MIT senior studying Mechanical Engineering

Major: 2

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2014

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E7262: Thermal and Fluid Dynamics in HSSP Summer 2013 (Jul. 07, 2013)
You start your day with a warm shower, and dry your hair with a hair dryer. For breakfast you have couple slices of toast, and a cup of coffee. You check your email on your laptop. And before you even step out the door to go to school, you've already interacted with half a dozen devices that were designed by fluid and thermal engineering experts. In this class you will learn the principles of fluid and thermal dynamics, with examples of how these principles are used when designing thermal fluid devices. Topics will include the principles of heat transfer, hydrostatics, boiling, and bounded fluid flow.

S6393: Build Your Own Cosmic Ray Detector! in Splash! 2012 (Nov. 17 - 18, 2012)
In 1956, C.L. Stong wrote in a Scientific American column: "If you fasten a disk of alcohol-soaked blotting paper in the bottom of a jar, screw on the lid and up-end the jar on a cake of dry ice, you will occasionally see the concluding phase of an event which may have had its origin millions of years ago in an exploding star." In this class, students will learn how to build their own cloud chambers to detect cosmic radiation, while learning a bit about the physics behind them.