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MADELINE DYE, Big nerd in hot pursuit of a comics masters

Major: Digital Art and Illustration

College/Employer: Hampshire College graduate, guide at the Emily Dickinson Museum

Year of Graduation: 2018

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Hi there! I go by Maddy or Andy, and I'm a published comics artist, an animator, an illustrator, a graduate of Hampshire College & an incoming student at the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont! I also worked for the Emily Dickinson Museum for three years, and have a deep love of poetry 🌹
I currently live out in western Mass, but I grew up in Texas and spent a few years living in Ireland. I have a super cute elderly cat, and even after almost eight years of living up here I'm still excited about snow!
I've TA'd a bunch of visual arts classes at the college level, designed and run several workshops for teens at Amherst Jones Library focusing on basic cartooning skills and zine-making, and also taught a course for HSSP on storytelling in the Summer of 2018 :)

Past Classes

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A12303: Storytelling & Expression: A Maker's Workshop in HSSP Summer 2018 (Jun. 30, 2018)
This course consists of several workshop-style classes, each with a different theme, wherein students will develop storytelling skills through exploratory assignments and open discussion. The instructors would like to explicitly welcome and encourage QUILTBAG/queer/gender non-conforming students to attend. Themes will include short-form memoir, writing for artists/drawing for writers, reading and writing copy, and more! Activities will include zine/chatbook-making, short story creation, and group storytelling, among others. Love of narrative, writing and/or visual art recommended. All classes will be taught in order to include both visual and text-based responses to assignments/questions. There will be an element of speaking to and with the class, so please be interested in discussion.