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College/Employer: MIT

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E15340: How to Run an Airline in Splash 2022 (Nov. 19 - 20, 2022)
Right now, there are about 10,000 aircraft flying around the world, each traveling hundreds of miles per hour, carrying people in a manner safer than driving a car. This amazing feat is the work of a global airline industry which is a marvel of our time. But how is this done? Also, why are flights always delayed and how can you get the best price when taking a flight? In this class we will answer these questions by delving into how airlines operate from a technological and business perspective. We will start by looking at an overview of the US domestic airline industry and the business models of different airlines. Next, we will cover ticket sales/distribution, the timeline of a typical flight, and airport operations. Finally, we will explore the process for becoming a pilot and how to identify common plane types.

E15341: So you want to be an astronaut in Splash 2022 (Nov. 19 - 20, 2022)
If you have dreams of floating around in zero-gravity and seeing the Earth from above, then this is the class for you. This class will cover several aspects of being an astronaut including pathways to prepare you for an astronaut career, the application process, and the missions you are likely to perform as an astronaut. We will also look at what astronauts do for NASA when they aren’t training for a mission or flying in space. Last, we will explore emerging commercial astronaut opportunities and other amazing careers in the aerospace field.