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ZEV HURWICH, Wizard Magazine intern taking gapyear precollege

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College/Employer: University of Chicago

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My name is Zev Hurwich. I am 18 years old, and am taking a gap year before attending University of Chicago. My passions in life are comic books, writing, science (all kinds really), video games, movies, guitar, ukulele, and so on and so forth. I attended the Abraham Joshua Heschel High School, where I did extensive studies of the Torah and books of the Prophets (in the original Hebrew text). I currently work as an intern for Wizard Magazine, a prominent publication about comic books, television, video games, and general nerd culture. Mythology has been a lifelong obsession of mine, as are dinosaurs.

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H2667: Comics, Heroes, and Mythology in Splash! 2009 (Nov. 21 - 22, 2009)
From Samuel to Odin to Batman, mythology is one of the greatest forms of story mankind has to offer. Learn about what makes a hero super and why we even tell these stories. We will discuss fundamental questions like What is mythology? Why do we tell it? We'll be delving into the basic stories of the myths we are analyzing, as well as a brief overview of a fair amount of super heroes. The first portion of class will be mostly lectures with a few important discussion questions. As we go over more background we will however be able to go over deeper questions, and will move to a discussion based format. The class focuses on Norse, Greek, and Jewish cultures. We will read classical texts relating to Norse myth, biblical tales, and comic books like The Sandman, Superman, and more! Also check out the class website to see what specifically is going to go down in this class.