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JOHN GAGE, BC '86 Bio, software, climate solutions advocate

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John worked at Sun Microsystems for 20 years and Oracle for 10, helping roll out the infrastructure for the internet for most of his software career. Then his undergrad Biology background came back to haunt him as he read ever more concerning reports from major climate science organizations. After doing a deep dive into economics and policy, he joined Citizens' Climate Lobby's grassroots volunteer effort to help create the political will to enable Congress to pass meaningful bipartisan legislation to address the root of the problem in an equitable way. He co-founded and leads a local CCL chapter and is the CCL NH state coordinator. He has presented at local and national conferences as well as to dozens of local groups, to help engage others in effective climate actions. His daughter has enjoyed MIT's SPARK and SPLASH events for years.

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Z14149: Help solve climate change in Splash 2020 (Nov. 14 - 15, 2020)
From climate science we know the technical changes that are needed for a relatively safe climate future: reduce man-made greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 and drawdown CO2 in the air to 350 ppm well before 2100. From economics we know that when pollution is free we get too much of it, but climate pollution is still free in most countries. Economists say that the cheapest and fairest way to address the problem is to put a steadily increasing price on climate pollution when it enters the economy, give the money collected to the third party being harmed (all households equally), and use border adjustments to push our price around the world. A strong carbon price signal will incentivize efficiency, innovation, transition, and drawdown. It sounds so easy! What's preventing us from fixing this? Is it possible to break the logjam and save ourselves? Can any of us do anything to help solve this, the biggest existential crisis human civilization has ever faced? Yes we can. Come find out how, play a Kahoot, and take action in a pivotal moment in the history of mankind.