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H12110: Facilitating Emotional Awareness and Conversations - Circling in HSSP Spring 2018 (Feb. 24, 2018)
Have you ever felt overwhelmed, and not known how to deal with it? Have you ever wanted to connect more deeply with someone, and not known how? Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a situation with multiple people who felt strongly, and wished for the grace to navigate the social dynamics well? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look out at the world through another person's eyes? Welcome to circling, a practice of sharing our in-the-moment experiences with each other, in real time, in service of connection, presence, and awareness. How this class looks depends on what you want. We might simply spend an hour or two each week in guided meditation, giving you a refuge from the obligations of everyday life and a place to develop your awareness of yourself. We might circle each week---have a group conversation about what it's like to be you, what it's like to be me, and what it's like to be us. If you're interested, we might guide you through the experience of facilitating a circle, of facilitating deeper emotional connections and conversations.