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LEO HUANG, Brandeis junior studying Hist and Coml

Major: History, Comparative Literature

College/Employer: Brandeis University

Year of Graduation: 2025

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Why should one study? Why go to college? I didn't have an answer to any of these questions when I started my college life. I was born in Jiangsu, China, where I spent sixteen years. I went to Lexington Christian Academy for high school, and later went to the Brandeis University. I have a deep passion for Japanese culture and literature, and from there I started to explore the world of literature, and then history. These majors were no good for finding jobs, one would say. But literature and history will sharpen ones' mind to see their real desires, and introduce them to an infinitely beautiful world. Such had been the case for me, and I am ready to tell my passion to all who want to know.

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H15750: We live in a world of Magic! Exploring the power of signs in Splash 2023 (Nov. 18 - 19, 2023)
If you are a lover of stories and art, and have an interest in wielding magic, come to my class! We will explore the ancient magic that have been existed since the begining of human culture: signs. Nowadays people take them as granted, not knowing that they were living in a magic world! People put spells on others everyday, and were trapped in the spells all the time. And this can be DANGEROUS. This class will give you a basic understanding of the magic of signs and how to use them.