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X2053: Intermediate Magic: The Gathering in HSSP Spring 2009 (Mar. 14, 2009)
Designed as a sequel to "Introduction to Magic: the Gathering", this course assumes knowledge of most rules of the game and expands to teach the theory behind it. We will cover aspects of both playing the game (card advantage, tempo, resource management, etc.) and deck construction (deck archetypes, mana curve, combos, etc.). Expect to leave with a enough working knowledge of playing and deckbuilding theory to (with practice) beat most of your friends and maybe win a few local tournaments.

X2054: Intro to Star Wars Miniatures! in HSSP Spring 2009 (Mar. 14, 2009)
Come and learn how to play a fun and exciting game where you pit star wars characters and squads against each other. Make your own teams, themed or otherwise, and compete on a map of the death star, or mos eisely cantina, to beat your opponent's team! Each student will receive a squad of figures to play with and develop, tailored to fit their preference of star wars characters.

H1504: Magic: The Gathering in HSSP Fall 2008 (Sep. 13, 2008)
Learn how to play the oldest trading card game in the world! Students will learn to play MTG through getting their own preconstructed deck

Indoor Capture the Flag in SPLASH (2008)
[Pre-Draft/Placeholder -- will be changed later if necessary] -- A more focused introduction to playing Capture the Flag inside MIT ...