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SNEHA SHASTRY, WPI junior studying biomedical engineering

Major: Biomedical Engineering

College/Employer: WPI

Year of Graduation: 2015

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Hi, I'm Sneha!

I enjoy long walks around my house, pinball, and defiantly trying to sneeze with my eyes open. I also enjoy physics, Spanish, English literature, and calculus (...sometimes).

This summer I am teaching the following Sprinkler classes: The Hero Journey In Film, Poetry Workshop, Intro to Genetics, How To Make the Totem Pole Bracelet, and The Quadratic Function.

I am also teaching an introductory Spanish class for HSSP.

Let's learn some stuff!

Past Classes

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H7306: Spanish Tourism 101 in HSSP Summer 2013 (Jul. 07, 2013)
Students will learn basic conversational Spanish to manage a vacation in a Spanish speaking country. This includes basic vocabulary (e.g. modes of transportation, food, places, etc.), common phrases, questions, and greetings, and an overview of basic verb conjugations and some grammar.