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SANSKRITI SHARMA, UML Junior studying Computer Engineering

Major: Computer Engineering

College/Employer: University of Massachusetts Lowell

Year of Graduation: 2021

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Hi! My name is Sanskriti but I usually go by Sana. I'm a junior at UMass Lowell majoring in Computer Engineering with a minor in Math. I particularly like assembly language and logic design. I'm currently on co-op at Red Hat and spent the last year working on a Machine Learning project.

Outside of class, I enjoy dancing and I just started getting into Science Fiction. I'm also part of UML's robotics club.

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C12263: From Binary to Symbolic Machine Language: How Computers Understand Code in HSSP Summer 2018 (Jun. 30, 2018)
Have you ever wondered how computers actually understand the code you write? Come learn about code in its most basic form, aka Assembly Language! This class start with an overview of binary, hex and computer memory. Then, we will go over converting between simple x86 assembly (NASM syntax) and C. The final project includes defusing a binary bomb using your newfound knowledge!