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SHRUTHI SUDHAKAR, BU senior passionate about languages!

Major: French Studies

College/Employer: Boston University

Year of Graduation: 2020

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My name is Shruthi, I'm a rising senior studying French! I love learning about new cultures and travelling the world, and I can't wait to find new places to explore. Come chat with me about my passion for languages (I'm currently learning 7!), anything travel related, or about my love of chocolate!
At BU, I'm a proud member of the pep band, so come find me if you want to talk about college band life or hockey!

Past Classes

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H13070: Introduction to French (Beginner French) in HSSP Summer 2019 (Jul. 07, 2019)
This class will cover basic French concepts- we will go over basic grammar, and then learn a lot of vocabulary that will be helpful for conversation and travelling! We will cover how to order food in restaurants, how to ask where things are, and how to introduce ourselves. By the end of the course, you should be able to hold a short conversation in French, and be confident introducing yourself and meeting new people.

H12271: Intro to Conversational French! in HSSP Summer 2018 (Jun. 30, 2018)
Bonjour! Come learn some French! This course will cover the very basics of the French language, and by the end, you should be able to introduce yourself and hold a short conversation! We’ll cover basic grammar (not too boring, I promise), some good to know vocab, and practice using the language! We’ll also learn a little bit about some famous French people, and look at some of the key features of French culture and politics!