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THINK TECHFAIR, An educational outreach program under MIT TechFair

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THINK is a committee under MIT TechFair with its mission of recognizing talented high school students across the United States who have the drive to (1) explore the innovations that are driving today's technological development; (2) seek resources from experts in various fields by networking and collaborating; and (3) use their knowledge to address today's technological challenges for the benefit of humanity.
THINK is not a measure of how much you have succeeded, but a measure of how much you want to succeed, serving as equal opportunity to acknowledge students with limited resources and disadvantageous background.
MIT ESP Spark is considered a great platform for THINK to help high school students to recognize their own ideas and carry these ideas into reality.

Past Classes

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X3320: From Ideas to Reality -- How to Create and Implement in Spark! 2010 (Mar. 13, 2010)
Did you ever have random ideas come across your mind? Was it because you thought your idea was too random that you did not make an effort to turn it into reality? THINK will lead you through a systematic way of carrying an idea into reality. Additionally, THINK founder from MIT TechFair will share her story of founding THINK from just a simple idea. This is a conceptual overview accompanied with testimonies from THINK organizers. Note: Remember to also check out another class called "The THINK Design Lab," a hands-on workshop that teaches you how to be creative. For any questions or concerns, please contact

X3327: The THINK Design Lab -- Your Creativity Sparked! in Spark! 2010 (Mar. 13, 2010)
This is a hands-on workshop guiding students through the innovative thinking process. Come if you feel like being creative, or want to learn how to develop creative projects. This will be a mind-broadening experience to empower your creativity for meaningful purposes. Note: Remember to also check out another class called "From Ideas to Reality -- How to Create and Implement." In that class, THINK organizers will provide a conceptual overview of how to come up with creative ideas, how to implement the idea, and what it takes to transform your ideas into reality. For any questions or concerns, please contact