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ALEX LI, MIT junior math major

Major: 18

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2023

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Hi ,everyone.
This is Alex, a junior from MIT course 18(Math department) who is also looking for degree pursue in the field of planetary science and politics.
I have been a tutor, teaching assistant etc. since middle school, and the total number of students I have helped reached several hundreds and included both grade schooler with eager of the beauty of science and my fellow classmates at MIT trying to conquer Problem Sets. Thus, I was looking forward to teaching more students with this program.
I am confident with my skills in STEM, and it had been pleasant experience for me to teach others those skills to solve their problems. Yet I think it is more important to develop a theory of knowledge for the students I am helping, and that should not be limited to the scope of STEM. During my tutor experience, I have shared my toolkit of studying to students looking for help in subjects of not only Math, Physics and chemistry but also history, economics and foreign languages. I believe this work best for my students.
Besides those time at work, I am a climate/weather enthusiast who spends hours after hours for observing local weather, doing weather forecast and discussing weather/climate events with my peers. This year I was honored to be included in MIT Wxchallenge team that won team champion for the tournament. My other interests include reaching, playing badminton and video games.

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S15069: Problem Solving from Common Sense Extension in HSSP Summer 2022 (Jul. 09, 2022)
Nowadays, we are facing a lot of problem that needs cooperation from the whole society to solve. Such as climate change, COVID, or the Ukrainian crisis. Thus it is important for most of us to get an understanding of these topics under our own scope of knowledge. Thus, this class would be dedicated to teach students ways to solve problems using information they know best. We are not expecting our students to be climate activist, pandemic expert or international relationship scholar, but common folks who could develop their own understanding of these problems, and potentially contribute their knowledge power toward these global issues.