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ANGEL ALVAREZ, MIT sophomore studying Computer Science

Major: 6-3

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2020

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I came to MIT in the fall of 2016. While here, I joined two clubs renowned for empowering students with access to technology: The Student Information Processing Board (SIPB), and TechX. The SIPB has a focus on providing computing services to the MIT community. These services include scripts, XVM, and Debathena. TechX is an Umbrella organization for several organizations, each tasked with a specific means of connecting students with technology. These include the student hackathons HackMIT and MakeMIT, as well as XFair, a career fair in February for MIT students. Other committees include ProjX, Think and Blueprint. I'm part of two subcommittees of TechX: ProjX and Dev-ops. ProjX distributes thousands of dollars to student projects every year, along with providing support and resources to make student projects succeed. TechX Dev-ops is an internal committee tasked with building and deploying software solutions that all of techX uses.
Despite having worked on software development and app deployment in recent years, I am interested in transitioning into the field of artificial intelligence and using mathematics and functional programming to create secure programs.

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C11827: Foundations of Computer Science: Lambda Calculus in Splash 2017 (Nov. 18 - 19, 2017)
In this 90 minute class, we will go over some of the core concepts of computability theory through an introduction to lambda calculus. This class will start with the history and context of this discovery, then we will dive right in to building mathematics and logic using lambda calculus.