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AMANDA MOORE, MIT Graduate Student in the Visual Arts Program

Major: VAP/School of Architecture

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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As an American, I am obsessed with the appearance of perfection and have always wanted to belong to something that I am not part of. Americans aim for solidarity and within that homogenized ideal, there is comfort that we are all a part of one whole, yet at the same time we are not really part of one thing enough to belong. Americans identify with their ancestral origins. I am a regular American—I am part of Anglo-American culture—but part of my genealogy is Cherokee Indian. I have a unique perspective on how indigenous, supposedly primitive cultures are forced to assimilate. Assimilating to avoid extinction, becoming extinct through assimilation. As with America’s suspicion/fascination with exoticism, my curiosity with the artifacts and customs of other civilizations reveals the desire to be someone or something else—even for a moment. I am interested in repurposing objects, materials, and people, allowing new identities to manifest themselves, while retaining their original identity and history. This repurposing or assimilation of people, places, and things relates to Civilization’s own trajectory. Since coming into existence humans have been forced to adapt to radical change. My work imagines a landscape that humans are already adapting to as our civilization becomes less viable.

Amanda M. Moore
Midway Studios
15 Channel Center Street, 215
Boston, MA 02210
Telephone: 203-482-0488



Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Master of Science in Visual Studies, May 2011

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, in affiliation with Tufts University
Bachelor of Fine Arts, May 2007

Southern Connecticut State University
September 1999-May 2002

Professional Experience

Internship Sponsor, 2008-present
The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Boston, MA

Teaching Assistant, 2006-2008
The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Boston, MA

Event Coordinator of Locating Feminism Within the Art School, Colloquium, 2007-2008
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Boston, MA

Art Director, 2005-2008
Camp Golden Mountain, Wang YMCA; Boston, MA


2008 The Discretionary Fund of the Dean of The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, $2,500
2008 The Dept of Visual and Critical Studies, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, $500
2008 The Discretionary Fund of Dean Sullivan, Tufts University, $500
2008 The Toupin Fund, Tufts University, $750


2009 Products
2009 Public Works Out
2008 Public Works Out
2008 Superlatives Project
2007 Personal Style
2007 No Postage Required
2007 Housing Project
2007 Diner
2007 Ice Culture


2009 “Public Works Out Burlesque,” Midway Café, Jamaica Plain, MA
2009 “Products, with Evelyn Ruby,” Mass Art, Boston, MA
2009 “Reebok Works Out,” Reebok Int’l Design Dept., Canton, MA
2008 “Powerhouse Performance Festival,” Mobius, Boston, MA
2008 “Workout,” The AV Club
2008 “The Superlatives Project,” Midway Studios, Boston, MA
2007 “Art School Feminism,” SMFA, Boston, MA
2007 “Diner,” Marcel’s, Boston, MA
2007 “Chisels and Chainsaws,” SMFA, Boston, MA
2007 “Ice Culture,” Marcel’s, Boston, MA
2007 “Student Annual Exhibition,” SMFA, Boston, MA
2006 “Class Action Suite,” SMFA, Boston, MA


2007 “Quite A Freeze, Ice Sculpture Competition on Display,” Boston Metro, February 20, 2007
2008 “Your History,” Randi Hopkins, The Boston Phoenix, February 26, 2008

Past Classes

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A2414: Conceptual Art Practices in HSSP Summer 2009 (Jul. 12, 2009)
What is conceptual art? In this class, we will explore the notion of conceptual art. Students will learn to map their own artistic project through exercises in drawing, writing, performance and sculpture. Class time is designed to function as a jumping off point for the development of individual projects outside of the classroom. Each student will create a PowerPoint presentation in order to communicate their inspiration and ideas, while developing and refining their public speaking, performance, and improvisation skills. Students will be encouraged to work collaboratively, engage in critical dialogue, and envision their artwork in new ways through critical readings, class discussion, visiting artists and presentations of contemporary work. Please note: Students are expected to develop a final project throughout the course of this class, which may require additional work outside of class. In order to get the most of the class, consistent attendance is required.