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Major: ME

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2021

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Not Available.

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B15786: 'Hello' in 9 languages! in Splash 2023 (Nov. 18 - 19, 2023)
Come dabble in foreign language with us! We'll introduce a handful of phrases in each language, then we'll play a few games to get some practice in. Disclaimer: we're not fluent in any of these languages, we just like to learn and welcome you with any background.

X15787: How to master the bloody period and why it exists in the first place in Splash 2023 (Nov. 18 - 19, 2023)
Goopy gunky gushing gore, let's dive into period lore... This class will be on the history of period management methods, why humans have periods, and, most importantly, what we can do about them. Namely, menstrual cups and other fun products :) Everyone is welcome, whether or not you menstruate!

E15790: Magic of Manufacturing in Splash 2023 (Nov. 18 - 19, 2023)
Come learn about various manufacturing processes from injection molding to sheet metal forming. How was your water bottle made? We'll find out!, and watch a smattering of "How It's Made" style videos along the way.