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ASVIN SRINIVASAN, MIT Grad Student with a passion for teaching

Major: MBA, M.S Electrical Engineering

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I am currently a graduate student at MIT pursuing an MBA and a M.S in Electrical Engineering. However I have also had a lifelong passion for teaching. I am a part of the board of directors for the Florida High School Model U.N which hosts model United Nations conferences for middle and high school students. I have served in a variety of roles at this organization for over ten years. I am passionate about several issues including sustainable development and free trade.

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H2835: U.N Millenium Goals: Can it be achieved? in Splash! 2009 (Nov. 21 - 22, 2009)
When many of us think of the United Nations we typically think of the Security Council and nuclear arms. However some of the U.N's most critical work is in development and poverty area. In 2000, the Millennium development goals were laid out as a roadmap for reducing poverty and improving the lives of millions. How is the U.N attempting to accomplish this? Are there better ways? How can you contribute? What does this mean for us as Americans?