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Major: 6-3

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2079

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C12799: Programming Amazon Alexa with MIT App Inventor in HSSP Spring 2019 (Feb. 23, 2019)
Have you ever wondered how Amazon Alexa decides what to say? This course teaches students computer programming, mobile app development, and conversational artificial intelligence using Amazon Alexa and MIT App Inventor. MIT App Inventor is a visual drag-and-drop coding platform that has made it possible for non-experts to develop smartphone and tablet applications for over a decade. Through this platform, students will program mobile apps and Alexa Skills, ultimately developing their own project to solve a real-world problem. Students will learn about conversational artificial intelligence, which is the ability for a computer to have a conversation with a human, how it currently works, and what it might look like in the future.