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BEN CARTON, Lesley University Counseling student

Major: Counseling and Psychology

College/Employer: Lesley University

Year of Graduation: G

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Hello! I'm Ben, I came to Lesley University as an undergrad hoping to study English and Education. After a year I became much more interested in the philosophy of Humanistic psychology and holistic approaches to healing and growth. Now I'm starting my graduate education in Counseling and Holistic studies. I'm still very interested in education, and in particular the application of "person-centered", or in this case student-centered, philosophy in the classroom.

Past Classes

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H8709: Intro to Humanistic Psychology in Splash 2014 (Nov. 22 - 23, 2014)
Could psychology serve a bigger role than just diagnosing "what's wrong" with people and offering to "fix" them? Humanistic psychology emphasizes each person's dignity, creativity, and potential for growth. It holds that people should be valued for, and understood through, their experience of the world and themselves. Humanistic psychology in practice tries to create conditions - in therapy, in the classroom, in the workplace - which help each individual's unique potential unfold. This class will cover the basics of humanistic philosophy and how it is put into practice. A special focus will be put on the work of Carl Rogers, an incredibly influential figure who is seen as one of the founders of humanistic psychology.