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Major: Physics (with EE focus)

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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A4810: Stagecraft: Technical Theater in HSSP Summer 2011 (Jul. 10, 2011)
The final meeting of this class will be a performance. Preceding classes will be spent rehearsing. Students will work in small groups. Each group will work a with Stagecraft: Performance group to put on a complete productions of a 5-10 page scene. The Stagecraft: Technical Theater students will be organizing and executing all the tech, including costuming, make-up design, set design, lighting design, and special effects.

E2431: Electronic Fashion in HSSP Summer 2009 (Jul. 12, 2009)
Learn how to build a shirt that sings when squeezed, a purse that sounds an alarm when someone touches it, or a jacket that shines and sparkles at your command. In this class we'll use sewable computers, conductive fabric, conductive thread, LEDs, and speakers along with the Lilly Pad Arduino toolkit to explore circuits and programming and create cool interactive garments (or whatever else you can think of to make) incorporating touch sensors, light and sound. Appropriate for those who have no experience with circuits and programming, and those who have and want to get a bit more creative.