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CARLOS DOMENE, MIT Sophomore studying Chemical Engineering

Major: 10

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2015

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, the only child of my wonderful parents. Growing up, Mom and Dad always stressed to me the importance of my studies. Beyond that, I was involved in a variety of sports, including Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, and Volleyball. Became involved in dancing my junior year of high school due to my US History teacher. Became proficient at West Coast Swing, and have since expanded my repetoire to include Tango, Salsa, and Hip-Hop.

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A6969: West Coast Swing Dancing in Spark! 2013 (Mar. 16, 2013)
Dancing is an embodiment of seduction, a chance to demonstrate your suave, confident personality if done correctly. Join me in learning this magical art.