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CARLOS ROMERO RUEDA, Mechanical and Civil Engineer

Major: Construction

College/Employer: UPM

Year of Graduation: G

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857.919.3403 •
Mechanical and Structural Engineer

A results-oriented, dedicated and hard-working professional with diverse experience as Sales Engineer and MIT Professor teaching engineering to high school students in the US, plus a Project Manager and a Professor in Structural Analysis and Industrial Construction in Spain. Reliable and energetic team leader and motivator with excellent communications and interpersonal skills; ability to build a rapport with clients, students and other stakeholders to ensure positive customer relations. Self-motivated project manager with demonstrated success in increasing revenues in a chemical-pharmaceutical project by 25%, reducing costs by 20%, and enhancing profits by 15% in first two months and 25% thereafter.

Language Fluency: English and Native Spanish. Technical Proficiency: Advanced level: AutoCad; TRICALC; CYPE; MPWIN; Presto (Budgets); Microsoft Office and Project; Intermediate level: QuickBooks; User or academic level in: SAP (Structures); Photoshop; Rhinoceros; and MATLAB. United States Work Permit and Visa J2. Sponsorship not needed.

Albasolar US Mar 2013 – Present
Sales Engineer.
• Provides sales, business development and technical customer support for Purchase and Logistic Operations in the US and Latin America.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Feb 2013 – Present
MIT Professor. Part time Job.
• Engineering training program on introduction and the use of professional software to design a building for high school students.

212 Consulting Inc. Feb 2013 – Mar 2013
Account Executive and Team Leader
• Provides leadership training and development for new hires; account management for clients for reporting and public speaking.

Albasolar US Jan 2013 – Feb 2013
Sales Engineer. Part time Job.
• Provides sales, business development and technical customer support for Purchase and Logistic Operations in the US and Latin America.

Integral S.A. Jul 2011 – Oct 2012
Project Manager
• Management of $26M sewage collection system in Valencia, Spain providing field study and design alternatives for water drainage for up to 100,000 people performing calculations for sanitation net and pump stations; in charge of 10-20 people..
• Project manager for $500K Chemo Group Project for design, calculation and site management for industrial chemical plant for transferring solvents including sanitation, fire protection installation, HVAC, natural gas and electricity. Responsible for management of expenses, negotiations with suppliers, and legalized structure and facilities.
• Assistant Project Manager for $15M Barcelo Market Nieto y Sobejano Project including design, calculations, and budgeting of facilities for market in Madrid. Managed sanitation, fire protection installation, HVAC, gas and electricity.
• Project Manager for $12M commissioning of Hotel Claridge (MDR) including facilities testing, plumbing, sanitation, fire protection installation, HVAC, natural gas and electricity.
• Developed and performed calculations for industrial facilities in pharmaceutical buildings in Liconsa for Chemo Group including HVAC, water for injection, plumbing, sanitation, fire protection installation, compressed air, and industrial vapor; plus legalized facilities project.

Ruffo’s Academy and Baaomende’s Academy Mar 06–Feb 12
• Provided instruction in Structural Analysis and Industrial Construction, plus Fluid Mechanics for Industrial Technical Engineer.

Valladares S.L. Nov 2010 – Jul 2011
Facilities Engineer
• Project engineer for various projects including two towers and two office buildings in Isla Chamartin, 174 houses in Majadahonda, a CEU project, and implementation of housing for 1200 in Vicalvaro, Madrid, Spain.
• Responsible for design, calculations, review and management of budgets, and architectural reports.

Secin S.L. Dec 2006 – Oct 2007
Structures Engineer
• Project and structures engineer for 6 office buildings in Miravete Street, science and business building in Leganea, police station in Majadhonda, Parcel RC1 Butarque, RB-06 and RB-07 Leganes houses in Madrid, Spain.


• E.T.S.I.I. (UPM) – Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering – GPA 9.0/10 2007 – 2009
Final Degree Project: Calculation of Structure and Fire Protection in Police Station
Grant from Spanish Ministry

• E.U.I.T.I (UPM) – Undergraduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering – GPA 8.0/10 2002 – 2007
Final Degree Project: Design and Analysis of Industrial Building
Grant from Spanish Ministry


• English Course – 460 Hours – San Francisco, SFIE, Advanced Level
• English Course – 60 Hours – New York, Zoni, Upper Intermediate


• Member of Boston Rotaract Club – Collaboration in Volunteer Events and Meeting with Young Professionals
• Vice President of University Sport Club and Collaborator in Erasmus Student Network – Madrid, Spain


Efron Consulting Jan 2013 – Feb 2013
Consultant Engineer.
• Project engineer and liaison between Spanish and USA companies for a bio-pharmaceutical project in Argentina.


• University Fellowship – 2003-2006; 2007 – 2009
• Spanish Ministry Fellowship for Studies, New York

Past Classes

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E6827: How to Build a Building in HSSP Spring 2013 (Mar. 02, 2013)
Think you might be interested in engineering or architecture? With this course you will see the "magic" of designing your own small building from scratch using professional softwares in a very easy and fun way. First, we will use AutoCAD to draw a small plan of the building we want to design. Second, we will learn some basics about building and supporting structures. We will then apply this knowledge to raise our own building with TRICALC, a very powerful software used to calculate structures. Finally, we will discuss facilities inside the building, such as plumbing and sanitation systems. We will see where the water comes from and where it goes when it is dirty. We will use CYPE, another software program, to better understand these processes.