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H2394: Sex, Drugs, and the Other Taboo Questions in HSSP Summer 2009 (Jul. 12, 2009)
NOTE: The first section is for students in grades 7th-9th, and the second section for students in grades 10th-12th. Please sign up for the appropriate class, thank you. Sometimes there are those questions that you just can't ask your parents or teachers. You feel awkward, are worried you will get in trouble, or maybe you are just too embarrassed. In this class, well take an honest approach to answering those in a comfortable and safe environment. From condoms and STDs to alcohol and marijuana, we will spend the first part of class covering a variety of topics that are normally considered controversial. We will start with a simple of explanation of what each is, and move all the way up to the potential dangers and risks associated with it. The second half of every class will be your chance to submit anonymous questions that we can answer and discuss together. Students must have a permission form signed by a parent/guardian to participate in this class. The form will be posted later on.