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DAVID BROADBENT, Learning pro who likes to share the cool stuff!

Major: MA & BS Communication Studies

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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Learning is a lot of fun, if you go at it the "right way."

For me, there isn't just one right way. Learning needs to be about figuring stuff out - by yourself and with other people.

What I do is ask some questions to get you thinking and talking with each other. Yep, think of me as the cool hockey coach without skates (thank God for that: I can't skate to save my life).

Why me? Other than been guiding learning for some time, it's more about what the training can do for you.

Why do this? Heck, it's be fun to try something different.

Past Classes

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A11492: Make Your Presentations Rock in HSSP Summer 2017 (Jul. 09, 2017)
You are going to make a lot of presentations in your school life. Is Keynote or PowerPoint always necessary? How do you get attention of your audience, hold their interest, and express your points? Could lessons from other cognitive psychology and architecture help your presentations be...better? Come find out and have fun!

J1396: Better Communciation in Junction Summer 2008 (Jun. 30, 2008)
Communication: easy to do, a challenge to do well. It can be fun yet frustrating, rewarding yet annoying, and…we’ll spend a lifetime doing it. This class will help a smart person like you start a conversation, express their ideas, and keep their cool in tense situations. Class time will be devoted to discussion, activities, and fun: the best way to become a better communicator. Hope to see you there!

"Brain-Friendly" PowerPoint Presentations in JUNCTION (2009)
Everyone uses PowerPoint today. But does everyone use slides as well as they could? Some even create “brain unfriendly” presentations ...

College Admissions Interviewing in JUNCTION (2009)
“Tell me about yourself?” You’ll hear that a lot in the months and years to come. Whether you are talking ...

Smart Research Methods for Your Papers in JUNCTION (2009)
Writing high school and college papers takes effective research. The web has made academic research easier than ever before. With ...

Stand and Deliver Presentation Seminar in JUNCTION (2009)
Presentations are a big part of class work in both high school and college. And what makes a good presentation ...

Face To Face Communication in JUNCTION (2007)
Every day, we speak, listen, and "read" people. Want to do it better? Want to be more comfortable at it? ...