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MICHAEL DONNELLY, Google Software Engineer

Major: Computer Science

College/Employer: Boston University / Google

Year of Graduation: 2015

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A former ESP attendee during high school, I studies Computer Science at Boston University and am a Software Engineer at Google.

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A11230: Digital Photography in HSSP Spring 2017 (Feb. 18, 2017)
Move beyond selfies by understanding the technologies that make a picture and the qualities that make a picture great. We'll get to know your camera (whatever kind of camera you have), look at the work of some great photographers, learn how to shoot people, places and things, and take and critique weekly photographs in a constructive and supportive environment.

W9603: The Eleusis Walk-In in Splash 2015 (Nov. 21 - 22, 2015)
Find the hidden patterns in a sequence of playing cards, or deal out your own secret and vie for longest card run of the weekend! Eleusis lets you test your inductive reasoning against the pattern making of a fellow student, and is a fun activity for 15 minutes or for hours at a time.