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Major: 6-2

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2017

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S8480: Introductory Electricity in HSSP Summer 2014 (Jul. 06, 2014)
This course is designed for the enthusiastic high school students who wish to explore exciting topics in electricity and have not had formal instruction in the subject. We will start from the very basic ideas of electric charges and conclude with fundamental applications to electric circuits and beyond. In between, we will study electrostatic interactions, conductors, insulators, and capacitors. Along the way, we will emphasize applications so that students can see the profound practicality of what they learn. Some of the potential applications that we will cover include superconductors and semiconductors. To further enforce the course content, we will spend a portion of the class getting students' hands dirty by constructing an automatic LED nightlight. This way, each student walks away with a little demonstration of electricity to show his or her friends.