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KATHERINE DYKES, MIT graduate student in engineering systems

Major: ESD

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Katherine Dykes
Academic Background:
2007 - Present • MIT, ESD: PhD student in Technology, Management & Policy
Ohio State University: M.S. in Electrical Engineering
Ohio State University: M.S. in Agricultural, Developmental & Environmental Economics
University of Pennsylvania: B.S. in Engineering
University of Pennsylvania: B.S. in Economics
Work Experience:
General Motors Controls Engineer for Hybrid Platforms
Green Energy Ohio / The Renaissance Group Wind Program Consultant
EnerNOC Data Quality Analyst (Intern)

Research Domain: energy (wind)

Research Methodology: system dynamics, systems analysis, comparative case studies

Research Description:
Katherine has researched and worked with a variety of applications in sustainable energy and transportation systems from both engineering and economic perspectives. At MIT, she is involved in several projects on the innovation and diffusion of wind energy technology including comparative case work between Europe and the US. During the last two years, she has worked with the Program on Emerging Technologies regarding a retrospective case study on wind energy technology as well as the standardization of the technology. Currently, she is involved in system dynamic modeling of diffusion processes for wind energy as well as system architecture modeling for offshore wind energy technology. She is the founder of the MIT wind energy sub-community and support staff for the US Offshore Wind Collaborative. Specifically for offshore system architecture, she is collaborating with the Norwegian Offshore Wind Energy Research Center at NTNU.

Past Classes

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E2666: Wind Energy Basics in Splash! 2009 (Nov. 21 - 22, 2009)
This course provides students with the fundamentals of wind energy and turbine design; students then get an opportunity to create their own turbine design and test it.