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Major: Brain and cognitive sciences

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: G

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S11501: Mind Control and Other Cool Topics in Neuroscience in HSSP Summer 2017 (Jul. 09, 2017)
Ever wonder what's going on in your brain? Why do we dream? Where do emotions come from? Is mind control really possible? In this course, we will go over cool topics in neuroscience in an easy-to-digest way. We'll talk about neurons, senses, brain technology, and much, much more! We welcome students of all ages and encourage questions and hands-on activities. The first half of every class will be interactive lessons, and the second half will be demonstrations with tools that scientists use to read and control minds! Over this course, we will cover: 1. An introduction to neuroscience + sheep brain dissection 2. Cellular and molecular neuroscience + glow-in-the-dark neurons 3. Systems neuroscience + laser mind control 4. Cognitive neuroscience + illusions and mind tricks 5. Neurotechnology and the future + telekinesis 6. Tours of MIT Brain and Cognitive Sciences' real labs! We're excited to explore the brain with you!