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ELIZABETH LEVIN, MIT Sophomore studying MechE

Major: 2

College/Employer: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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Hi! My name is Liz. I am a MechE undergrad (course 2) currently interested in haptics, large steel structures, and products for developing countries. When not tooling, I like doing crazy things like aerial circus and fire spinning, just for kicks.

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X3261: The Cheese Tasting in Spark! 2010 (Mar. 13, 2010)
Camembert, Gruyère, Stilton, Cheddar. Small cubes of cheese grace the trays of distinguished parties the world over. Knowing your curds is a challenging, but delicious, task that any young gentleman or lady should try. tl;dr Cheese, Gromit! Come try some really nice cheeses and learn how to distinguish a Gouda from an Edam.

X3262: The Science of Baking in Spark! 2010 (Mar. 13, 2010)
Why does your cake rise? What in brownies makes them so fudgy and delicious? What is really in a Twinkie? Well even we don't know that last one, but we have a few choice bits about the others. Come do some... uh... 'experiments' with us and then snack on your thesis!

A2148: Glamour: The Art of Make-up in Spark! Spring 2009 (Mar. 07, 2009)
According to statistics, over 17% of American women never leave the house without make-up. However, there is a far stretch between a little mascara and the work of Kevyn Aucoin or Marnee Simon! Learn how to design and apply make-up like a runway or glossy MUA.