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Major: Undeclared

College/Employer: Londonderry High School

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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Hello everyone! My name is Emma Breslow. I am interested in a wide variety of things, ranging from linguistics to the arts to astronomy to the natural world. In the past, I've been a volunteer co-teacher at the Currier Art Center, where I taught students of all ages how to weave and felt. I spent this past summer as an exchange student in Finland, near the northern city of Oulu. Although I haven't declared my major, I will likely go into something relating to linguistics or languages.

Past Classes

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Z9330: Saunas and Salted Licorice: Welcome to Finland in Spark 2015 (Mar. 14 - 15, 2015)
Tervehdys! Have you ever wished the sun would stay up all night? Or wanted to see the northern lights in person? Well in Finland you can! In the Land of the Midnight Sun, the sky never grows dark in the summer, but in the winter you hardly ever see the day. Do you like to swim? With nearly 188,000 lakes, 10% of Finland is underwater. But with a quarter of the country above the Arctic Circle, you might want to wear a wetsuit! We will listen to popular and traditional Finnish music, learn about Finnish celebrations, sample Finnish foods, and even learn a children's song about carrots! Come learn this and more as we explore the culture and language of this little-known Nordic country.

W8274: Community Weaving at Spark! in Spark 2014 (Mar. 15 - 16, 2014)
Have you ever seen a tapestry and wondered how it was made? Have you ever wanted to learn to weave? Now you can! Come join us as we weave a community tapestry. Learn to weave shapes, patterns, or whatever else you wish. Experienced weavers are welcome as well! Prerequisites: Two hands and a brain :)