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ELLA TRUMPER, MIT senior studying Biological Engineering

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College/Employer: MIT

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I am a current senior at MIT studying Biological Engineering with the hope of attending medical school in the future. I am very passionate about medicine, public health, and educating the MIT community and beyond about important health-related issues. On campus, I participate in a club called Global Health Alliance (GHA) which partners with local and international organizations to combat global health issues. We also have a division focused on health education, which I co-direct, that routinely participates in ESP programs. GHA is excited to teach for HSSP and we look forward to meeting everyone!

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H15252: Introduction to Global Health in Splash 2022 (Nov. 19 - 20, 2022)
How do we guarantee medical care for all? Should vaccinations be mandatory? How should we conduct triage if our medical system is under stress? Is it possible to balance protecting our economy, our environment, and our citizens? Physicians, scientists, politicians and advocates work tirelessly to promote global health equity—but how? In this class, we’ll learn about how we can work towards achieving equal, accessible, and quality care for all—and what that means globally.

H14914: Global Health Alliance's Intro to Global Health in HSSP Spring 2022 (Feb. 26, 2022)
Are you interested in global health or medicine? Then this class is for you! Throughout the course, we will be discussing global health issues ranging from mental health, incarcerated people's rights, gender bias/menstrual health, and more! We are excited to have meaningful discussions and collectively become more educated about the important issues our world faces in the context of public health.