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Major: Political Science

College/Employer: Westfield Sate university

Year of Graduation: 2018

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H8977: Women's role in religion in Splash 2014 (Nov. 22 - 23, 2014)
A chance for students to intermingle in other religions . Students who want to know how it feels to wear the hijab and try cultural foods (YES THERE WILL BE FOOD) are welcome . You will find out the MAJOR differences of how the easterners feel about the westerners ( 'MERICA) and vice versa . We will also connect the major roles women played in each religion .

B8987: Wallahi Wallahi you need to know Somali in Splash 2014 (Nov. 22 - 23, 2014)
If you want to know the definition of Wallahi, come join my class! I will teach you the basic reasons why us Somalis enjoy saying the word wallahi, and how useful it is to know basic Somali. Some of you guys may have seen Captain Phillips (starring Tom Hanks) and the infamous Somali pirates. We will go over some of the words and phrases used in the movie, so when you watch it with other family and friends you can point out what they said--no subtitles required! We will also go over the similarities found in the Somali language and many others.

A9018: Random Debates in Splash 2014 (Nov. 22 - 23, 2014)
You and your group will be given a random subject to debate about ( topics chosen by another group) and you will be given no more than 3 minutes to speak . In these three minutes you will not be able to use the words " Umm ,and uh " you are also not allowed to take more than a 3 second break between your sentences .