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GODHA BAPUJI I., Cybersecurity Professional on a Sabbatical

Major: Economics CompSci Govt/IR

College/Employer: Harvard University

Year of Graduation: 2020

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I am a IT/IS Professional with a background in Computer Science & Engineering with Electronics, Physics and over 24 years of professional field experience and licenses.
Currently on a sabbatical to pursue a degree in Economics with IR/Govt focus with Harvard's DCE and an Graduate Certificate in International Security

I am a member of United Nations Association of Greater Boston, UNA-USA and a Volunteer Citizen Diplomat for Cybersecurity at WorldBoston.

I am also a member of ISACA, IEEE and ISA and focus on Cybersecurity aspects for ICS/IoT/IIoT

Past Classes

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Z13503: Oodles of Data, gallons of knowledge and an ounce of wisdom - getting familiar with some indispensable websites in Splash 2019 (Nov. 23 - 24, 2019)
The Internet is a vast world and there's so much data out there. In this course, I will introduce you to some very interesting websites and teach you how to use their information to make well-informed decisions. You will also find these websites extremely relevant for your research projects - one example of which will be the theme of our class "Where we stand in the Global world?" What does future entail? How to break down tough questions like prioritization in solving world's problems? Self-Reflection of where countries really stand despite what they think The knowing-doing gap

Z13504: Industrial Security and Internet of Things in Splash 2019 (Nov. 23 - 24, 2019)
Internet of Things or IoT seems to be a buzzword on the block. Come in to learn what this is all about. We will also look at what we mean by Industrial Security and how IoT impacts our societies I will show you around what our nation considers "ICS" and the exciting career pathways you can choose to be part of the securing our world wherever you are from!

C13505: The wonderful world of Operating Systems in Splash 2019 (Nov. 23 - 24, 2019)
We will look at what operating systems are and understand high level differences between some of the most common ones heard and unheard of in the modern times UNIX MacOS Windows - old to new Linux Embedded/Mobile OSes