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Major: Mathematics

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2013

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A6491: Fun and Easy Origami with Jazz! in Splash! 2012 (Nov. 17 - 18, 2012)
Origami! Jazz! Come if you like either of them! We'll listen to some jazz as we teach you basic origami. No experience necessary. We'll provide everything you'll need.

A5909: Visualizing Music in Spark! 2012 (Mar. 10, 2012)
a quick exploration of sound, intervals, chords, and beyond

C5283: Learn Haskell! in Splash! 2011 (Nov. 19 - 20, 2011)
Haskell is an awesome functional programming language. Learn about basic syntax, recursion, types, type classes, functors, and Maybe even monads.