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ISABEL ANDERSON, Climber, nerd, etc.

Major: Applied Mathematics/Classics

College/Employer: University of Rochester

Year of Graduation: 2021

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I am a Take Five student at the University of Rochester. My majors are applied math and classics, and my Take Five is in Jewish studies. Outside of academics, I am involved in UR's juggling club, literature journal, and the Computer Interest Floor. In my free time, I enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking, reading, writing, baking, and playing board games and RPGs.

Past Classes

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X14434: How to tie a tie in Spark 2021 (Mar. 13 - 27, 2021)
If you'd like to learn how to tie a tie, or you only know one way and want to learn more, this class is for you! We will cover the three main ways of tying a tie, as well as some fancier knots if there is time. Wearing ties is for everyone, so the only requirement is an interest in learning! However, it is BYOT (bring your own tie).

M14209: SET Theory in Splash 2020 (Nov. 14 - 15, 2020)
Have you ever wondered about how math relates to board games? This class will go over introductory combinatorics, modular arithmetic, and affine geometry and how they relate to the game SET. If you have never played SET before, that is fine. However, you will get more out of the class if you familiarize yourself with the game by reading the rules and trying one of the online versions of SET beforehand.

M14210: Introduction to Fractals in Splash 2020 (Nov. 14 - 15, 2020)
Fractals look cool, but have you ever wondered how they're constructed? In this class, we will be going over the definition of a fractal, the basics of complex numbers, and how the Mandelbrot and Julia sets are constructed. If there is time, we will also discuss what dimension fractals exist in.

M14216: So you want to be a math major in Splash 2020 (Nov. 14 - 15, 2020)
Do you want to study math in college? Learn about what being a math major entails, what sorts of classes you'll take, different types of degrees you can get, and what employment options look like for math majors. At the end of class, we will answer any questions that people have.