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ILANA SIVACHENKO, Researcher, Student, Professional Procrastinator.

Major: Biology

College/Employer: Emmanuel College

Year of Graduation: 2016

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I was born and raised in Israel so I'm convinced I'm part chickpea.

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S8445: Making Mutants: An Introduction to Genetics in HSSP Summer 2014 (Jul. 06, 2014)
Would you be surprised if I told you that Spiderman and the X-Men have a lot in common with us? Although you may never stick to walls, control metal, or be able to will yourself to look different, the study of genetics gets us closer every day to curing diseases and even creating the best versions of ourselves. So if our genes are so similar (we're all Humans after all) – about 99% between individuals – why is it that we look so different and where do we separate science and science-fiction? Don't just ask why, ask how, and learn about the diversity of life on the molecular level! This course will introduce how scientists manipulate the underlying mechanisms of gene expression and regulation to better understand and cure diseases, and explore the historical and ethical background of genetics. Topics include synthesis, cell division, genetic engineering, diseases and disorders, bioethics, variations in genetics between prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms, as well as an overview of current research goals and aims in the field.