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HYUNJONG JOO, VC investment expert with AI and HCI experience

Major: Technology MBA

College/Employer: Cogito, MIT Sandbox company

Year of Graduation: G202

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- WAM Equity Partners: Project Manager/ Venture Capital Division
- Cogito (MIT Sandbox company: Co-founder
- Asian Development Bank (ADB): Consultant
- Hyundai Group (Private Equity): Manager

- 2021. "Business Efficiency Gains through Improved Water Billing Practices." Asian Development Bank official website.
- 2021. "Social VR as the New Normal? Understanding User Interactions for the Business Arena." Proceedings of CHI ACM 2021.
- 2021. "User Perception on an Artificial Intelligence Counseling App." Proceedings of IHCI Korea 2021.
- 2021. "What is K-MOOC? The Direction for K-MOOC in the New Normal Era." Proceedings of HCI Korea 2021.

Past Classes

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C15161: AI, Web3, and Human-centered Design in Splash 2022 (Nov. 19 - 20, 2022)
What is AI, what is Web3, and what is human-centered design? This course will teach about how AI and Web3 can be more accessible to the larger community via human-centered design methodologies. The course will also explore how AI and Web3 can make hip-hop, fashion, and finance more accessible via AI and Web3 as well. The course includes an introduction to prototyping software such as Figma.