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JACOB COLE, MIT senior studying Computer Sci and English Lit

Major: 6

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2015

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C9058: Learn to program by writing the AI for battling tank robots in Splash 2014 (Nov. 22 - 23, 2014)
We'll teach you to program in the Java language through the awesome game robocode, in which you program virtual battling tank robots and pit them against your friends! Robocode is fun for everyone, from beginning to advanced programmers, and free so you can continue after the class. Robocode was a big part of what launched my own passion for computer science! Site: Jacob's Tutorials:

H5275: Literary Analysis of Popular Culture in Splash! 2011 (Nov. 19 - 20, 2011)
Anakin: "If you're not with me, you're against me!" Obi-Wan: "Only a Sith thinks in absolutes!" Does something bother you about that statement, seem subtly hypocritical? Then this is the class for you. In Literary Analysis of Pop Culture, we will have the conversation you've always wanted about nifty elements of plot and style that come up in stories such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more.

X5277: The Mystery of Consciousness in Splash! 2011 (Nov. 19 - 20, 2011)
What makes you think I'm conscious? What makes you think that earth orbits the sun and not the other way around? Obvious! It's silly to think that the universe would revolve around the Earth when it's much more simply explained otherwise. What, then, is truth but simplicity? This class traces the epic modern neuroscientific quest for an explanation of how truth, meaning, and sentience can arise inanimate, chaotic systems. Then we will explore some of the same systems from the inside through Zen meditation exercises, making sense of the tangled relationship between logic and perception in the process.

W4719: Beginner and Intermediate Yo-Yo in Spark! 2011 (Mar. 12, 2011)
This class will teach new yo-yoers the simple yet powerful principles behind creating impressive tricks and inspire them to continue honing their skills on their own, and teach more advanced players some of my favorite maneuvers as a means to develop fluidity, artistry, and individual style. The class will progress as a series of video presentations, live demonstrations of maneuvers, and one-to-one coaching sessions.